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Magnificent Magnolia

It was the perfect knot in the trunk of our magnificent magnolia tree which helped give me the grip I needed to climb up to where I could see our whole front yard and even down the road a ways. Mom didn't like us climbing in the tree because she said the tree started as a bush and that it wasn't hearty. The tree grew in the front garden bed next to the porch of the house we moved into the summer I turned 5 years old. That was the year I later called "The Year of Recollection."

We all have one of those years. It's the point in time which you vividly recall circumstances, events, and even emotions. Where you begin to make choices understanding the outcome connects with your future. A time where you learn the definition of consequence:
noun 1. a result or effect of an action or condition.
2.   importance or relevance.
There was one time I climbed the magnolia tree, and as I was moving my foot from the knot to the landing where I normally sat, my foot became stuck. No …