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10 Things the "Overthinking Open Hearted" person deals with:

"You seem real." I keep hearing this. It begs the question, "What is real anymore?" Are most people fake? Inauthentic? Do most people not believe in just being themselves? Or maybe they are questioning if I'm a real-life Pinocchio. Who knows.

My whole life I've lived a pretty openly. It wasn't like it ever was a choice for me not to. To be honest, I've always had this fear that I was being excluded in some way from something. I'm not quite sure where this fear came from. But this fear has pushed me to be open, honest, and hospitable to everyone that I possibly could invite into my life. As some of you already may have guessed, I've been hurt by people who have taken advantage of that fact. The flip side, is I've hurt people by being that way in return.

As an over-thinker, I decided to make a list of what happens when you live life in an open and real way.

1. You constantly question what people think of you.

You are a people-pleaser in th…