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S E X (PG 13)

"Every guy sees you naked when he looks at you."

"All any guy thinks when he first meets you is that he wants to have sex with you."

"Any guy who tells you he hasn't imagined banging you is a liar."

In a world where being vulnerable by being naked is praised, sex sells, and casual hook-ups have been normalized, the previous quotes have somehow found a way to haunt me. They are real statements made by real men who were having conversations with me. These statements have caused more pain and fear than any person should have to endure. They have echoed repeatedly in my mind daily and instantaneously whenever I meet someone who shows interest in me. This is the real world that we live in, and harassment takes many forms here. Abuse can sometimes undermine statements like those above because we'll think at least they are words which aren't as bad as the physical. This beckons me to ask, why is it truth is so perverted?

This last year, there have b…