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répondez s'il vous plaît

Oh, I'm sorry! You might not recognize the term: répondez s'il vows plaît. It's something we actually see [as an acronym] all the time. It is the reminder we get for events big and small more typically stated, "RSVP." Répondez s'il vous plaît is french and translated means "please respond" in english. Confession, I did know the english term "acronym" but I did have to look up what RSVP stood for and I took spanish not french -- enough with the schooling and on to my reason behind this post.

The other day, I received an invitation for an event and there it was, the RSVP. For most people, if anxiety hits you when you get invited to anything it's probably a social thing. A few people in my family are extremely introverted and I've seen and heard the excuses on how to deal with the fears or social anxieties when accepting or declining invitations. For me, anxiety hits because there is an entirely different closet full of ghosts I have …